Your advantages

Working with tcs* will have several advantages for you


Security   Indepence   Competence
Integrated concept for monitoring and
security for the temperature, the route and against theft
Monitoing around the clock (24/7/365)
Monitoring center
  Monitoring of the temperature-controlled
transports by independent instances
Independent of producers of vehicle systems,
on-board cooling systems and telematics
  Declared experience in all questions about temperature-contoled transports
Profound experience in transport monitoring
Comprehensive competence in security techniques
Transparency   Network   Cost-efficient
Temperature process, operating-state of the
cooling system, state of the doors and location of the vehicle constantly under control
Reports about temperature, alarms and interventions
  Europe-wide sevice network for ideal security
for the systems
Europe-wide secuity network with certified partners and contacts to authorities
International language service
  One contact person for the whole monitoring service
Relief of the capacities of the logistics companies
Preventive maintenance and avoiding of malfunctions
Documentation of investigation works