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Increasing demand for monitoring services for temperature-controlled transports
  • Monitoring and surveillance of transports with goods at risk of theft very common these days (e.g. money, tobacco)
  • Increasing need for monitoring and security services also for temperature-controlled and temperated transports
  • Products of high value reacting sensitive to changes of the temperature (pharma, chemicals, comestibles, electronics) are being monitored more and more.
  • Pressure by law and regulations, by orderers demanding obligations to produce proof of sticking to the regulations, by requirements and insurance companies
  • Numerous security companies and monitoring centers for classic security transports (passive monitoring)
  • Active monitoring of the temperature with special requirements (opening of the doors, phase of precooling, alarms of the equipment, etc.)
  • What if both are needed – security and temperature monitoring?
tcs* offers three services based on one another
Temperaturüberwachung    Temperatur monitoring

    Ideal control of the temperatures and on-board cooling systems for the best possible
    operational security and transparency


Security monitoring

Temperature monitoring and reliable theft protection for goods and vehicle

Route monitoring

Temperature monitoring, security monitoring and active monitoring of expected streetways,
routes and geo-circles